The experience gained over the years in developing specialised process solutions is now paying off in the implementation of innovative production technologies. CREADIS has a large team of industry experts – from business consulting and CAPEX/OPEX campaigns, through process engineering and building entire production lines for all industries, to the construction of specialised, customised equipment and systems.


We operate in every business formula. Our technologists support not only the processes of production or processing of bulk materials, but also, particularly, processes applied for increasing the efficiency of production in terms of composition (processes of dosing and injection of additives), fuel and energy management (zero-energy plants, waste-2-energy, cogeneration systems, heat recovery, decarbonisation, and many others) or the production, storage and transport of process media (air, heat, alternative fuels, high-pressure steam, methanol, and others).


We provide improvements of technological processes for individual units, service bays or entire production lines. We not only cooperate with the global leading cement manufacturers, but we also develop our own machines or retrofit the current industrial equipment of our customers. We operate in most areas of any production facility, including: mining, storage, transportation, raw material preparation, homogenisation, precalcination, furnaces, coolers, dosing, logistics, packaging and shipping, and many more.


The most interesting turnkey projects and packages we have implemented recently include:



  • Production, separation, drying and enrichment of RDF-based fuel blends
  • Waste-2-Energy Plant
  • Alternative raw materials plant for clinker production (process decarbonisation)
  • Analysis of an entire heat exchanger tower including pre-calciner burners – safety optimisation and static-dynamic model analysis
  • Thermal analysis of the heat exchanger tower process piping
  • Pulverized coal production plant
  • Process steam production plant with a dual gas boiler system
  • Replacement of filter systems at all departments: milling, clinker production and additive – contaminants reduction
  • Alternative fuel drying system for two rotary kilns. Collection, separation and storage systems
  • Increasing the efficiency of a clinker silo reclaimer system, relocation and improvement of slag storage
  • Implementation of a sampling system for an entire cement plant, implementation of an automatic RDF sampling system for trucks
  • Mobile system for dust-free unloading of clinker from trucks and transport to storage