Siemens Gamesa approached CREADIS to support them in the development of adjustable light poles.


Siemen Gamesa’s generation of blades had increased in length and in order to remain compliant with regulation, the aviation warning lights had to be positioned higher as well. The biggest issue now with these aviation light poles was to enable maintenance of the lights on the longer poles without the use of cranes.


Their idea of an adjustable pole as a solution to this problem was realized by CREADIS, to the full satisfaction of Siemens Gamesa, and it is already installed today.


But CREADIS’ work didn’t stop with the development. We also made sure that everything was produced according to the required quality standards. We found the most suitable manufacturing plant and made sure that everything was delivered as planned to each site where the new aviation light poles were needed.


With CREADIS’ mechanical solution, it is now possible to lower the tip of the pole to a position that is in reach of the maintenance crew for easy inspection or exchange of parts.