HWAM implements modern technology in wood burning stoves.


The wood burning stove company HWAM has since 1973 designed and produced modern wood burning stoves. The company has throughout the years had focus on the development of new standards within user friendliness, performance and design. In recent years they have added another focal point and that is to make wood burning stoves more user-friendly, green-tech and environmentally friendly.


In the development process to create more user-friendliness and more environmentally friendly stoves HWAM has worked with the company IHS Innovation and developed a new system called IHS (Intelligent Heat System). The system consists of a device that is integrated in the stove, which can regulate the temperature and the amount of oxygen in the stove. This unit works with a remote control which acts like a thermostat and can define the desired room temperature.


Based on this system DIS has updated and further developed the system and developed a cross platform application (app) that can be downloaded to a mobile device with an IOS or Android operating system. The app can collect data from the device and the remote control and communicate relevant information to the stove user, such as when to add more wood, information on optimal combustion, room temperature as well as regulation of the room temperature.


The app which interacts with the system also ensures a reduced use of firewood as well as it ensures the optimum use of the firewood which ultimately protects the environment against hazardous gases, particles and smoke. In the new system, a wall-mounted remote control works with a simple on/off function as a sensor.


DIS has been responsible for the design, software and hardware parts of the remote control. The newly developed mobile app has several advanced features and is therefore the actual remote control of the stove.

DIS was chosen as a partner as we needed to inject the project with strong mechanics, hardware and software skills as well as a knowledge of IoT (Internet of Things), app development and electronic control. We found all of those skills in one place at DIS and the fact that DIS has a certain volume of employees, knowledge and competencies has been a major advantage to us, explains Brian Staal, project manager at HWAM/HIS Innovation.


DIS and HWAM have previously worked together on a number of projects and once again has the process and cooperation worked perfectly.

- During the project we received weekly updates of the progress, where DIS visited our department in Aarhus. These meetings added great value and provided us with a sense of security and we created a very close relation between us and DIS, Tells Brian Staal.


The updated IHS solution is expected to be introduced in the fall and will be available for purchase for a number of HWAM wood burning stoves. Furthermore, the solution has been nominated for the DI prize, awarded by the association for Danish Industry. The prize is awarded once a year to a company that has made an extraordinary contribution to the annual theme. This year’s theme is digitization