At DIS/CREADIS it is fun to go to work


At DIS/CREADIS it is fun to go to work, and we achieve this through good relations between colleagues. We foster a strong sense of community where we are involved in each other both on and off work. We encourage this through various events and interest groups, as well as we celebrate highlights in our employees’ work and personal lives.


The DIS/CREADIS event calendar is filled with professional after-work meetings, lectures, an annual team building trip, various sports activities, Friday evening beer meetings and much more. Some of these events are organized by DIS/CREADIS, while others happen on our employees’ own initiatives. As a rule, we always have at least one event in the calendar to look forward to. It gives us something in common to talk about - both past and future events and thereby a sense of belonging and community.


When you start working at DIS/CREADIS, you get more than 700 colleagues, who are all specialists in each of their area of expertise, but together all create great synergy for the benefit of DIS/CREADIS and our customers. The employees at DIS/CREADIS are the cornerstone of the business and are characterized by a high professional level. We want to attract, develop and retain the best employees and challenge them with demanding tasks in an attractive work environment where we provide a modern company with great flexibly to ensure your work-life balance and ongoing development.